FAQ – Classification, labelling, packaging

1. Are there any rules on labelling/information requirements for Essential Oils if only sold for export to non-EU countries? Yes, indeed. Please see Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 on the import and export of hazardous chemicals. The export rule (Art. 17) applies to all chemicals in general if intended for export. Exported substances including Essential Oils must be […]


1. In terms of relevant customs law, our company is the formal importer of an Essential Oil (non-exempted application, above 1 ton p.a.) directly delivered to our EU customer. Do we need to register under REACH? Not necessarily. Under REACH Regulation No 1907/2006, Article 3 (10) and (11), the obligation to register is allocated to […]

The European Federation of Essential Oils aims to represent producers and traders of essential oils and related products within Europe. It protects and promotes their interest and acts in defence of these products at relevant national, European and international level.

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