FAQ – US-FDA and other non-EU legislation

1. Our US customer requested us to certify that our consignments comply with TSCA. What is behind this issue, and how to deal with it? The US import system on chemicals which also includes Essential Oils is based on the TSCA, Toxic Substances Control Act. US Import requirements are described in EPA (US Environmental Protection […]

FAQ – Customs tariff Matters

1. We are importers of Essential Oils and have taken notice that EU Customs Regulations have been significantly changed in 2016. Anything we should be particularly aware of? Since 1st May, 2016, the recast of the Union Customs Code (UCC), Regulation (EU) No 952/2013 applies and new accompanying rules have been installed (i.a. Regulations (EU) […]

FAQ – EU foreign trade

1. We heard about EU rules on export controls, countries under UN sanctions; sanctions against listed groups and persons. Are we affected when trading/exporting Essential Oils? Essential Oils as such are not listed in the Dual Use Regulation (EC) 2021/ 821 nor in the product lists contained in several country-specific sanction Regulations imposed by the […]

FAQ – Biocides

1. We intend to import an Essential Oil for use in a biocidal product. Is this possible without restrictions, or do active biocidal substance need to be authorized? Under the Biocidal Products Regulation (EC) No 528/2012 (“BPR”), replacing the former Directive (98/8/EC), active biocidal substances may only be used in biocide products if authorized by […]

FAQ – Pesticides and Contaminants

1. We do not find our Essential Oils listed in the EU pesticides Regulation No 396/2005. What about our products delivered as food flavourings? Does any maximum residue limit apply? Pesticide Regulation No 396/2005/EC covers all foodstuff or parts thereof listed and described in annex I, and the maximum residue limits (“MRL´s”) laid down for […]

FAQ – Medicinal

1. We are EU importers of rectified/purified Essential Oils for use as an active ingredient in the pharmaceutical production. Are there any specific requirements to fulfil? Essential Oils in a further processed state (i.e. rectified/purified in the country of origin) are regarded active pharmaceutical substances under the EU medicinal Code, Directive 2001/83/EC if intended for […]

FAQ – Essential Oils as feed additives

1. Our company intends to import/place on the market Essential Oils for use as a sensory additive to feed. Are there any restrictions or bans we need to consider? Additives for use in animal nutrition are covered by Regulation No 1831/2003/EC. Under this Regulation, all feed additives had to be notified to the EU in 2004 […]

FAQ – Flavouring Regulation

1. We want to import and place on the market a specific Essential Oil/extract for use as a food flavour. Do we need an authorization? By definition under Article 3 (2) lit. d (i) of Flavourings Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008, Essential Oils regularly are “flavouring preparations” obtained from food source materials by traditional processes described […]

FAQ – Other subjects

1. We are an import trader of Essential Oils purchased from non-EU development countries. Are we affected by the so-called “Nagoya Protocol”? What about customer questionnaires? If your activities are limited to “normal” import trade you will not be affected by this issue directly. On the other hand, companies are part of the supply chain […]

FAQ – Cosmetic Products Regulation

1. We are suppliers of Essential Oils to the fragrance industries. Are we concerned by Cosmetics law, and do we have to carry out safety evaluations on the material supplied? No, there are no obligations under the Cosmetic Products  Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 which only applies to the placing on the market of “cosmetic products”, this term […]

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