A leading essential oil specialist and producer, the Ultra Group is strategically headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It provides an extensive portfolio of high-quality natural products from farms and distilleries.

Ongoing investments in innovation and globally-renowned expertise has led Ultra to develop natural and  sustainable products from all around the world. The key products in the collection consist of essential oils, vegetable oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts.

The recently opened new facility in the UK has a state of the art R&D centre, product showroom and storage facilities

Key Products

  • Geranium (oil, concrete, absolute, wax)
  • Jasmine grandiflorum (world premiere steam distilled oil, concrete, absolute, wax, organic extract)
  • Neroli (oil, hydrolate, concrete, absolute, wax, organic extract)
  • Sweet Basil CT Linalol (oil, concrete, absolute, wax, hydrolate)
  • Blue/German Chamomile (oil, concrete, absolute, wax, organic extract)
  • Cassie (concrete, absolute, wax, organic extract)
  • Carnation (concrete, absolute, wax, organic extract)
  • Rose centifolia (world premiere oil, concrete, absolute, wax, hydrolate, organic extract)
  • Rose centifolia Leaf (concrete, absolute, wax)
  • Violet Leaf (concrete, absolute, wax)
  • Sweet Marjoram (oil)
  • Olive Leaf (concrete, absolute, wax)
  • Artichoke (concrete, absolute, wax)
  • Coriander Leaf & Seed (oils)
  • Petitgrain Bigarade (oil, concrete, absolute, wax)
  • Tagetes (oil, concrete, absolute) & Marigold (oil, concrete, absolute)
  • Calendula (world premiere oil, concrete, absolute)
  • Petitgrain Mandarin (oil, ex-PGM Dimethylanthranylate isolate)
  • Cumin (oil, concrete, absolute)
  • Clary Sage (oil, concrete) & many other products adding up to +/-150.


Tel.: +91-11-41517010 – E-mail: gaetanbourdeau@ultraintl.com

Mr Jos CUNNINGHAM • General Manager
E-mail: jos@ultranl.com

Website: www.ultranl.com

Tel.: +31-(0) 618431850

Malledijk 3H,3208 LA Spijkenisse(Loods 12-15),NL – 3208 LA Spijkenisse – NETHERLANDS

The European Federation of Essential Oils aims to represent producers and traders of essential oils and related products within Europe. It protects and promotes their interest and acts in defence of these products at relevant national, European and international level.

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