Zalabi, named after the Zalabí Valley in Granada, leverages three generations of agricultural expertise to produce sustainable 100% pure and natural Mediterranean essential oils. With a steadfast commitment to native plants and responsible practices, we ensure the highest quality products.

Our cutting-edge, fully automated distillery runs on solar power and its own biomass residue, resulting in a carbon-free, zero-waste process. Beyond our plantations, we foster collaboration with agricultural cooperatives and independent farmers, providing technical expertise and promoting a healthy land-use alternative that combats desertification, depopulation, and unemployment. Fair treatment for our workers and collaborators is deeply ingrained in our values.

Rigorous quality control lies at the heart of our operations, supported by our own fully equipped laboratory that stays up to date with the latest regulations. Our meticulous seed-to-oil control enables us to serve the F&F, Cosmetic, Aromatherapy and Pharmaceutical industries with full transparency, meeting their exacting needs.

At Zalabí, we take pride in our commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainability.

Key Products

  • Red Thyme Essential Oil (Thymus Zygis – Thymol Type)
  • Spanish Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis – Camphor Type)
  • Spanish Marjoram Essential Oil (Thymus Mastichina)
  • Spanish Sage Essential Oil (Salvia Lavandulifolia)
  • Lavandin Grosso EO (Lavandula Hybrida var. Grosso)
  • Lavandin Super EO (Lavandula Hybrida var. Super)
  • Spike Lavender EO (Lavandula Latifolia)


Mr Ramon FERNANDEZ • Managing Partner
Tel.: +34 634 44 72 70 – E-mail:

Ms Patricia SALSAS • Sales Manager
Tel.: +34 699 96 03 27 – E-mail:


Tel.: +34 634 44 72 70

Calle Martin Perez de Ayala 1, 4E – 18008 Granada – SPAIN

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