100 family business, the company was founded in 1926 and produces citrus oils and juices of very high quality out of lemons, bergamots, blood and blond oranges and mandarins.

Main markets are flavours and fragrances for the oils and beverage industry, catering and direct consumption for juices.


Mr Vilfredo RAYMO • President / Director / Manager
Tel.: +39 0909 9829 11 – E-mail:

Mrs Rovena RAYMO • Sales manager
Tel.: +39 0909 9829 11 – E-mail:

Key Products

  • Lemon oil Cold Pressed and Colourless
  • Bergamot oil cold pressed and colourless
  • Blood and blond orange oil cold pressed and colourless
  • Mandarin oil cold pressed and colourless

Tel.: +39 0909 9829 11

Fax: +39 0909 9825 86

C.Da San Biagio – 98045 San Pier Niceto (Me) – ITALY

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