Misitano & Stracuzzi SpA established in the begining of the 20th century is one of the oldest citrus industries in Sicily, managed by the fourth generation of two families who work with the sameseriousness and passion as their ancestors. Our range of products includes more than one hundred products amongs the following categories: juices, essential oils,concentrates, terpenes and florals, petitgrains. We also developed customized products to meet specific customer’s needs. Misitano & Stracuzzi committment continues towards a constant progress that regards the quality of our products as the cornestone of our business strategy. The company was awarded the ISO 14001 as well as the most important international quality certifications. Our products are Kosher and Halal certified.


Ms Antonio STRACUZZI • President
Tel.: +39 090 2922571 – E-mail: as@misitanoestracuzzi.com

Mrs Paola POLLARA • Sales Area Manager
Tel.: +39 090 2922571 – E-mail: ppollara@misitanoestracuzzi.com

Key Products

  • Lemon oils (Cold Pressed, Folded, Terpenes, Citroptenefree)
  • Orange oils (Cold Pressed, Folded, Terpenes)
  • Mandarin oils (Cold Pressed, Decolorised)
  • Bergamot oils (Cold Pressed, Terpenes, Bergaptenefree, Furocoumarinefree)
  • Grapefruit oils (Cold Pressed, Folded, Terpenes, Furocoumarinefree)
  • Petitgrain Oils (Bigarade, Mandarinier, Citronnier)
  • Essence Oils (Lemon, Orange)

Tel.: +39 090 2922571

Via Ghibellina 64 – 98122 Messina – ITALY

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