F.lli Branca extracts premium quality products since 1892, essential oils, juices, peels and other by-products from the most prestigious and celebrated Sicilian citrus.

The company has the ability to offer a large range of products mainly from lemon, orange and mandarin to suit clients requirements with the maximum flexibility.

Goods are mainly developed with the flavour, fragrance and food industries’ needs in mind.

F.lli Branca is exceptionally environmentally conscious and attentive to explore sustainable solutions in line with its wish to support a circular economy to value residual products, reduce waste and save sources.

Certificates: FSSC22000, ISO14001,  ISO9001,KOSHER,HALAL,ORGANIC,SGF

Sedex member:ZC1020624


Mr Francesco BRANCA • President
Tel: +39 090 9781040 – E-mail: info@brancaspa.com

Mrs Ketty BRANCA • Managing Director / Sales Manager
Tel.: +39 090 9781040 – E-mail: ketty@brancaspa.com

Sales and logistic
Tel.: +39 090 9781040 – E-mail: logistica@brancaspa.com

Mrs Daniela BRANCA • Technical Director
Tel.: +39 090 9781040 – E-mail: daniela@brancaspa.com

Key Products

  • Lemon oil and Organic Lemon oil
  • Mandarin oil and Organic Mandarin oil
  • Blood Orange oil and Organic Blood orange oil
  • Orange oil – Organic orange oil – Bitter Orange oil
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Citrus Oils organic and conventional
  • Essential Oils organic and coventional
  • Terpenes – Terpeneless – Folded – Colourless – Distilled –  Rectified Oils
  • Oil and water phase – Essence oils
  • Petitgrain bigarade and citronnier
  • Juices: NFC and Concentrate organic and conventional
  • Comminutes – Compounds – Bases
  • Dried and diced peels

Tel.: +39 0909 781040

Fax: +39 0909 781029

Via Maceo,7 – 98050 Terme Vigliatore – ITALY

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