Capua 1880 is an Italian citrus essential oils producer since 1880. It is a family business, located in south of Italy, managed by the IV and V generations of the Capua family: Gianfranco and his sons Rocco and Giandomenico. Capua 1880 currently operates on 2 high-tech production plants located in Reggio Calabria, in which more than 110 employees work, to serve its customers, mainly Multinationals, in more than 54 countries.

Capua has 2 overseas affiliates: Capua1880 USA Inc. (based in NJ) and Capua1880 Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (based in Singapore), which serve their markets with local Capua managers, supported by local warehouses.

In recent years Capua has also acquired an agricultural fund of 32 Hectares, which is conducted with the most advanced techniques, as a didactic garden.

Key Products

  • Citrus Essential oils
  • Citrus Specialties


Mr Gianfranco CAPUA • President/Director
Tel.: +39 096 57939236 – E-mail:

Mr Giandomenico CAPUA • CEO
Tel.: +39 096 57939441 – E-mail:

Mr Rocco CAPUA • CEO
Tel.: +39 096 57939242 – E-mail:

Mr Laurent BERT • Sales Manager
Tel.: +39 096 57939211 – E-mail:

Tel.: +39 096 579 3901

Fax: +39 0965 757792

Zona Industriale – 89052 Campo Calabro – ITALY

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