Campisi Citrus is a subsidiary of O.P.A.C. Campisi, a leading agricultural company at its fourth generation specialised in the production and sale of citrus fruits. The business, located in Siracusa, Sicily, operates on a closed supply chain, providing full traceability and the highest standards of quality.

The production starts at the certified plant nursery and it continues across 700 hectares of land owned. The company if fully organic since two decades. Campisi Citrus is the processing industry. The portfolio includes Siracusa Femminello Lemon PGI, Sicilian Blood, Blonde and Clementine Orange, Ciaculli Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, Lime and Bergamot.

Key Products

  • Citrus Essential oils
  • NFC and Concentrated Frozen juices
  • Citrus derived products


Mrs Barbara CAMPISI • Director
Tel.: +39 345 6090220 – E-mail:

Mr Antonino CAMPISI • Director
Tel.: +39 348 2412214 – E-mail:

Tel.: +39 0931 722260

Fax: +39 0931 722193

Via Elorina 184 – 96100 Siracusa – ITALY

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