Puressentiel was founded in 2005 by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni out of passion for aromatherapy and natural active ingredients, taking the market by storm by democratising aromatherapy with the first “ready-to-use” products.

A range of safe, effective and easy-to-use products! They are both early adopters of aromatherapy’s effectiveness in treating everyday health and are supported in this adventure by their son Rocco, and Florence, Marco’s sister.

Puressentiel, a family-owned laboratory, is above all a human adventure. Our family story was made possible thanks to an ambitious and united team, sustainable partnerships with our trusting suppliers, and of course, our millions of loyal consumers all around the world! This beautiful dynamic encourages us to keep on innovating day after day.

Key Products

  • Purifying Air Spray
  • Purifying Antibacterial Gel
  • Muscles & Joints Roller
  • Respiratory Decongestant Nasal Spray
  • Anti-Sting Repellent Spray
  • Head Lice Treatment Lotion
  • Organic True Lavender Essential Oil
  • Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Rest & Relax Air Spray
  • Headache Roll-On


Mrs Florence PACCHIONI BORGNIET • President / Director / Manager
Tel.: +33 1 44 40 56 10 – E-mail:

Mrs Chérine MATHURIN • Responsable Evaluation de la Sécurité des Produits
Tel.: +33 1 86 65 95 19 – E-mail:


Mr Abdelsalam RASHAD • Quality Assurance Manager (Eng.)
Mob: +20 (0)100 074-9175 – E-mail:


Avenue Molière 144 – 1050 Bruxelles – BELGIUM

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