BgOils is a collective of three farms located in Southern Bulgaria. Combined, we bring together over six decades of farming experience. We own and manage over 1400ha of arable land and three distilleries for production of essential oils and floral waters.

Key Products

  • Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena)
  • Rose hydrosol (Rosa Damascena)
  • Lavender Oil (Lavandula Augustifolia)
  • Melissa Oil
  • Yarrow Oil
  • Helichrysum Italicum Oil


Mrs Plamena GEORGIEVA • Sales Executive
Tel.: +359 889814667 – E-mail:

Mr Simeon GEORGIEV • Owner
Tel.: +359 889041566 – E-mail:


Tel.: +359 889814667

1 B Petko Vlaev street, Kran 6140, Bulgaria

The European Federation of Essential Oils aims to represent producers and traders of essential oils and related products within Europe. It protects and promotes their interest and acts in defence of these products at relevant national, European and international level.

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