Quintis Sandalwood is the global leader in the supply of premium and sustainable Indian and Australian sandalwood raw materials.

Establishing the very first sustainable Indian sandalwood plantation in 1999, Quintis now proudly owns and manages the largest Indian sandalwood plantation in the world, spanning over 12,000 hectares across northern Australia and home to more than 5.5 million trees.

As the world’s leading supplier of sustainable premium Indian sandalwood and wild harvest Australian sandalwood, Quintis distributes its high-quality, consistent, and globally-certified oil, logs, chips and powder to top brands within industries such as fragrance, cosmetics, aromatherapy, incense and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Key Products

  • Indian Sandalwood Oil
  • Australian Sandalwood Oil


Ms Stef BOURKE • Head of Brand and Communications
Tel.: +61 4 3246 4438 – E-mail: stefanieb@quintis.com.au

Ms Fernanda FAUZI • Brand and Communication Manager
Mob: +61 4 1265 7194

Tel.: +61 4324 64438

Level 1/ 87 Colins st – 6005 West Perth – AUSTRALIA

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